PLA Minima Filament Stringing Concerns – Resolved

The PLA Minima has been on the market for just a month and we’ve already learned a lot in that time. The PLA Minima is an entry level, affordable 3D printing filament designed to be as simple to use as possible. That said, we’ve heard from some users who have had issues with stringing between parts. To help eliminate this problem for our customers and make their experience even better.

There was a problem with the PLA Minima label



It turns out that all Minima Reels set from Production of June have temperature recommendations of 210-230. This is way too hot for this type of filament.
We understand how frustrating this might have been, and apologize for any failed prints caused by the misprinted labels on Minima reels.
All reels produced from August 2022 will be labeled correctly to show the correct printing temperatures.



The PLA Minima extruded temperature should be between 190-210

Printed at 220 with Silver PLA Minima Metallic

Printed at 200 with Silver PLA Minima Metallic

PLA Minima is a new affordable filament that can be used in any 3D Printer. However, it has been found to cause excess stringing at high temperatures.

The PLA Minima extrusion temperature should be between 190-210 degrees Celsius. Anything higher than this and the material will become too viscous and stringing becomes excessive – even a few degrees will make a difference.

Tests conclude PLA Minima is good to print with

If you’re interested in fine-tuning your PLA settings even more – we’ve been testing PLA Minima with the following settings and achieve some incredible results.

  • Retraction Distance: 4.0 mm (Retraction distance may differ based on the type of extruder gears you are using)
  • Retraction Speed: 25  – 35 mm/s (approximate)

We’ve had a small hiccup in the beginning with the labeling but it has already been solved in production. Overall, PLA Minima is a good material to print with. The fact that it is easy to use, produces high-quality prints and is affordable – makes it a great choice for anyone looking to get started in 3D Printing.

If you have any further concerns or questions – Please let us know at