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ZEN Filament

ZEN PLA Ultra - Ignition Orange

ZEN PLA Ultra - Ignition Orange

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ZEN PLA Ultra is a new premium grade 3D Printing Plastic designed for all 3D Printers that are compatible with 1.75mm Filament. 

It has been meticulously researched and crafted with plastics from around the world to give it stronger layer adhering properties, a smoother finish and a more robust final product.

The colour that needs no introduction, Ignition Orange is an attention grabbing, energetic shade of orange is fired up and ready to go!


ZEN 3D Printing Filament strives to conserve the environment. As 3D Printing's popularity rises, it adds to plastic pollution. PLA Plastic is bio-degradable, though packaging isn't. ZEN replaced it with a wooden reel that can be broken down and used as firewood, minimizing environmental impact. Additionally, they opted to go box-less, reducing cardboard and tree usage.

Diameter 1.75mm
Heated Bed Temperature: 60-70 °C
Hot-End Temperature: 210-220 °C
Length: +- 280m
Reel Weight: 185g
Total Filament Weight: 1kg

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